The group is involved in several active projects and collaborations.

The active projects include:

Past projects

  1. Optical navigation for small solar system body proximity operations and mapping (1.09.2019−31.08.2021)
  2. Partially developed and fully tested lunar lander cameras for CrystalSpace, going to the Moon onboard SAMPLR experiment by Maxar Technologies in Artermi program's Commercial Lunar Payload Services subprogram. (2020-2021)
  3. Operations and mobility planning system for Lunar rover missions - ESA ESOC (06.07.2021−31.08.2022)


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    • Sara Seager’s lab (
      • Projects looking at the behavior of life on exoplanets
      • Planetary surface reflectance modeling.
    • Shuhei Ono’s lab (
      • Looking at methanogens for bioelectrochemical methane production, also for ISRU
    • Tanja Bosak’s lab (
      • Planetary oxygen evolution
      • Looking at preservation of fossils on both early Earth and Mars context
  • Aalto University
    • Jaan Praks’s lab
      • Cooperation regarding to SISPO (pace Imaging Simulator for Proximity Operations)
      • Cooperation with OPIC