THEIA - Miniature. Multispectral. Calibrated.

THEIA is a scientific-grade multispectral Earth Observation Imager for nanosatellites.  The goal of the imager is to provide data suitable for quantitative remote sensing studies. This can enable a cost-effective solution for providing radiometrically accurate data at a high temporal resolution using multiple EOIs in orbit. The instrument takes images in two user-chosen predefined spectral bands. Post-launch calibration is achieved using a calibration module capable of producing dark and flat frames. Moreover, this is achieved while adhering to the CubeSat standard, fitting inside 1U, and weighing less than 600 g. 


  • Spectral range: 200 nm - 1100 nm
  • Volume: 1U compatible (0.6 U)
  • Mass: 600 g
  • GSD without smearing (@ 650 km): 35 m
  • FOV: 2.7 deg x 2.1 deg
  • Resolution: 943 x 733 px
  • Spectral bands: 2 (user chosen)

The design of the imager is complete, manufacturing and assembly are in progress and a launch is planned for 2022 on-board the 12U GOMX-5 CubeSat. The imager is designed in cooperation with ESA under the Industry Incentive Scheme and the General Support Technology Programme. 

Exploded image of the EOI