The group is involved in several active projects and collaborations.

The active projects include:

  1. Optical Periscopic Imager for Comets
  2. Optical navigation for small solar system body proximity operations and mapping (1.09.2019−31.08.2021)
  3. Applied Research for Reducing Required Human Intervention in Robotic Forest Regeneration Operations (NutikasMetsarobot) (1.11.2020−31.08.2023)",
  4. THEIA Multispectral Camera

Past projects

  1. Partially developed and fully tested lunar lander cameras for CrystalSpace, going to the Moon onboard SAMPLR experiment by Maxar Technologies in Artermi program's Commercial Lunar Payload Services subprogram. (2020-2021)


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    • Sara Seager’s lab (
      • Projects looking at the behavior of life on exoplanets
      • Planetary surface reflectance modeling.
    • Shuhei Ono’s lab (
      • Looking at methanogens for bioelectrochemical methane production, also for ISRU
    • Tanja Bosak’s lab (
      • Planetary oxygen evolution
      • Looking at preservation of fossils on both early Earth and Mars context
  • Aalto University
    • Jaan Praks’s lab
      • Cooperation regarding to SISPO (pace Imaging Simulator for Proximity Operations)
      • Cooperation with OPIC